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Sizing and Measurement Guide

Size Chart

Please refer to the chart below to find the size that suits you best

Sizing Yourself

Follow these simple steps to get your basic measurements. All you will need is a tape and of course, about 5 minutes of your time!!! Relax, Keep a normal posture and measure yourself. Know that a centimeter here and there makes No Difference!!!.


Wearing your bra and with your arms at your sides, measure the fullest part of your bust, under the armpit and around your back. Keep the tape level across the body and breathe normally.



Run the tape around the body, along the narrowest part of your torso, usually just below the ribcage / just above your belly button. (This may be higher than where you actually wear your skirts or jeans but that's okay). The measuring tape should be not tight, but just right.  Do not push out your belly or suck it in while taking this measurement.



Standing with your feet together, measure around your body at the broadest part of your hips. This will include the fullest part of your backside as, and is approximately 7 inches or thereabouts below your waist. Again, keep the tape level across the body.


photo credits: Luke Wooden